Actichem AP461 Encap Pro - Low-moisture Encapsulator


Actichem AP461 Encap Pro – Low-moisture Encapsulator


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Encap Pro (AP461) is an advanced low moisture encapsulating cleaner providing tough grease cutting action with a genuine, brittle dry-down and effective anti-resoiling technology. This outstanding cleaner also includes fluorochemical and good foaming action which assists operators to track their progress.

  • Colour Orange
  • pH 8.0 RTU
  • Fragrance Fresh
  • Dilution 1:32
  • Safety Non-Hazardous


  • Encapsulating – an advance blend of high performance embritteling and encapsulation agents encapsulate the emulsified soil, embritteling it for easy vacuum removal.
  • More Soil Removal – Encap Pro benefits from a precise balance between emulsification performance and embritteling ability allowing a larger amount of soil to be removed by subsequent dry vacuuming.
  • Commercial Compatible – ideal for commercial carpet – no rinsing required, faster cleaning rates, reduced recurring stains and no rapid resoiling.
  • Fibre Safe – safe for use on wool, stain-resistant nylon, synthetics and synthetic upholstery.
  • User Friendly – low odour formula – pleasant to use.
  • Economical in Use – Encap Pro is a concentrate formula providing economical 1:32 dilution rates and outstanding cleaning action giving you an unbeatable encapsulating cleaner which doesn’t break your pocket.

Where to Use

Encap Pro is ideal for use in offices, conference centres, medical institutions, government buildings and retail outlets. Any where carpets need to be effectively cleaned and back in use in minimal time. Homes are also effectively cleaned using Encap Pro.

How to Use

Always pretest in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.

  1. Vacuum carpet to remove loose soil.
  2. Mix 250ml Encap Pro with 8 Litre clean water.
  3. Apply solution to the carpet through the shampoo tank or use a course spray. (1Lt of solution will cover 5 to 20m2 depending on the carpet pile density.
  4. Scrub/agitate the treated area using a low speed scrubber with a carpet brush or white pad.
  5. Allow carpet to dry (30 to 60 min) before opening to traffic.
  6. Encapsulated soils will be removed by subsequent dry vacuuming. (Leave for at least 24 hrs before vacuuming.)


Safety Data Sheet

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