Actichem AP770 Refresh - Total Bathroom Cleaner


Actichem AP770 Refresh – Total Bathroom Cleaner



Actichem’s Refresh (AP770) is a safe-to-use total bathroom cleaner based on organic acids and natural solvents for an unparalleled clean. Overcomes the worst build-ups of limescale, soap scum and grime, providing a tough solution for tough problems.

This specialized formula destroys odour causing germs while it cleans, creating a fresh, clean environment. Ideal for use as the principal product in washroom maintenance schedules.

  • Colour Green
  • pH 2 to 3 RTU
  • Safety Irritant


  • High Performance Chemistry: Refresh is a proprietary blend of speciality soap scum and grime emulsifiers and innovative acidic compounds which break down the limescale structure and holds it in suspense for easy and effective rinsing.
  • A Total Solution: Refresh is ideal for every bathroom surface including walls and floors. It is suited for use undiluted or mixed with water for use in a spray bottle or mop bucket. Regular use eliminates the need to use harsh, deep clean acids.
  • Mould Prevention: Regular use eliminates mould growth, prevents re-growth and controls odour causing germs.
  • Cleaning Versatility: Refresh is ideal for use as a no-scrub, no-rinse cleaner or for bursting through tough wash room soil build-ups. It is an ultra-concentrated, foaming formula which ensures easy and economical use.
  • Cleans and Deodorizes: Refresh provides exceptional deodorization whilst cleaning, elimination of mal-odour sources and provides a fresh citrus scent.

How to Use

Refresh contains organic acid compounds and must not be used on acid sensitive surfaces such as marble and granite.


  • Floors & Walls: Dilute 1:10 to1:20 (100ml to 50ml per 1 Lt water).
  • Showers, toilets, basins, etc,:  Dilute 1:10 or use undiluted
  • Toilet Bowls, Urinals and Tough Stains: Use undiluted


  • Toilet Bowls & Urinals: Squirt directly under toilet bowl rim or into urinal so as to cover the entire bowl. Agitate with a toilet brush and flush. Stubborn stains may require 5 to 10 minutes dwell time.
  • Showers, Toilets, Basins: Spray directly onto area to be cleaned or apply to a sponge/scourer pad first. Spread and agitate using the scourer/sponge. Rinse with clear water.
  • Floors and Walls: Apply solution with a clean mop or cloth/sponge. Agitate and allow dwell time for stubborn soils. Rinse with clear water.


  • Non Hazardous according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia.
  • Practice normal workplace safety when using.


Safety Data Sheet

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