Nilfisk Liberty SC50 Autonomous…


Nilfisk Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubber Dryer




Fully autonomous scrubber/dryer completes labour-intensive floor cleaning for 6 hours on a single-charge, so your staff have time to concentrate on tasks that require a human touch, reducing costs, while improving efficiency, cleanliness and consistency.

Built on a proven Nilfisk scrubber/dryer platform, the Liberty SC50 leaves floors spotless and dry to reduce high-traffic slip risks.

3 modes of operation – Manual, Copycat, or Fill-In. Unique to Nilfisk, Fill-In maps a scrubbing path in mere minutes, making it easy to map new paths on the fly, and cleans 98-99.5% of floor space, compared with most autonomous scrubbers which typically miss 15% of floor space.

Incredibly agile and productive, the Liberty SC50 can quickly make tight turns around obstacles and into narrow spaces, without leaving a trail behind.

The first 3rd party certified autonomous scrubber/dryer, that adjusts in real-time to required route changes, and avoids objects and people in its path, through the Dyanamic Avoidance feature.

SmartKeyTM provides three levels of user access for programming, operator start up, and autonomous operation, which prevent unauthorised intervention.

TrackCleanTM allows you to monitor, verify, and improve operational effectiveness of your entire cleaning operation and helps guarantee standards are maintained.


Liberty SC50 (X51D) Disc Liberty SC50 (X20R) Rev
Scrub Head Disc Rev
Scrub Width mm 510 510
Solution Tank L 57 57
Recovery Tank L 53 53
Voltage Volts 24 24
Max Speed Autonomous km/h 3.7 3.7
Max Theoretical Productivity m²/hr 1936 1936
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 63 63
Gradeability -Manual Transport % (Degrees) 15 (8.53˚) 15 (8.53˚)
Gradeability – Manual Cleaning % (Degrees) 9 (5.14˚) 9 (5.14˚)
Gradeability – Autonomous % (Degrees) 2 (1.15˚) 2 (1.15˚)
Minimum Aisle Turn Width mm 1592 1592
Squeegee Width mm 767 767
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1355x761x1441 1355x761x1441
Gross weight (GVW) kg 484.4 484.4

Comes with

  • Autonomous scrubber dryer with manual/copycat/fill in operation
  • 3 year service contract
  • 3 year consumable allowance
  • machine software updates
  • TrackClean ready
  • digital reports
  • TextAssist alerts
  • USB port
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