Nilfisk SC2000 Micro Ride…


Nilfisk SC2000 Micro Ride On Scrubber Dryer



Micro ride-on scrubber dryer doubles cleaning output at price of walk-behind model
The Nilfisk SC2000 mini ride-on scrubber dryer eases the working effort significantly compared a walk-behind machine. An attractive choice for cleaning of offices, supermarkets, sports centers, shops, restaurants, hotels, and institutions like hospitals and schools.

Taking working speed up to 6 km/h – from an average 4 km/h with a walk-behind scrubber dryer– the SC2000 has a great impact on both productivity and cleaning costs.

It is easy to maneuver even in narrow spaces thanks to its compact dimensions. Thanks to its silent mode function for ultra-low sound level,you can use the machine for daytime cleaning, even in sound sensitive areas.70L tank capacity allows to clean up to 120 minutes per tank reducing the time spent for dumps and refills.

  • Productive: 53 cm scrubbing width, high speed (6 km/h), 70/70 L
  • Compact and comfortable: very compact dimensions for narrow areas, comfortable seat and wide space for operator’s legs.
  • Consistent cleaning quality: Solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed.
  • Ideal for daytime cleaning: Low noise Vac motor system with silent mode setting working at just 62 ±3 dBA
  • Easy to control: Dashboard with One-Touch button; intuitive display integrated in the steering wheel.
  • New water filling system automatically shutoff water when the tank is full
  • Easy handling: Automatic brush click on/off and plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system.
  • Sustainable: Ecoflex system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning.
  • Self-adjusting brush speed according to floor type and application to save energy consumptions.
  • One year commercial warranty


Input Volts 24
Brush Motor Watts 450
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 68/62
Vacuum Motor Watts 310
Scrubbing Width mm 530
Productivity Rate m2/hour (theoretical/actual) 3180/2230
Solution/Recovery Tank L 70/70
Brush/Pad Diameter mm 530/508
Brush Pressure kg 15/30
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1270 x 550 x 1020
Operating Weight kg 342

SC2000 53B Full Package includes:

  • Disc Brush 530mm Prolene
  • Battery 12 Volt (x2
  • Onboard Charger
  • Squeegee Blade Kit
  • Filling Hose
  • Smart Key – User (blue)
  • Smart key – Supervisor (yellow)
  • Ecoflex Detergent Kit

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